Christmas gaming

Christmas has been and gone, but the real gifts came after Christmas this year with the Steam sale. If you have not already done so, check it out! I decided to treat myself and buy a few things that looked interesting. I had Prince of Persia on order from Play, but they have completely failed to get any in stock and my order seems to be stuck in the ether (although they did take my money…), so I bought it on Steam. I also bought Beyond Good And Evil and the X3 pack. Just before Christmas I bought Bioshock and had slowly been working through that. I am a bit sour about this, as I bought it a week before the sale when they dropped the price by 75% (from 13 something to 3 something).

Here are my observations on some of these games.

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icLogic 2

I set myself a challenge this Christmas. I’m going to re-implement the core of icLogic in a week. I’m probably going to regret it, but it should be fun at least. I learned a lot last time and I’ve pretty much got the maths nailed this time so it won’t be so much of a chore. So far I’ve got quite far. I’ve been at it a day and I already have the complete render engine working bar the clipping.

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Just getting it to compile…

Today I had a spare few hours and I thought I would have a quick look at the Arctic engine and see if I can make any progress with it. Hah. Things are never that easy…

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New site

Some of you may have noticed that the site has a new layout and was down for a week or so. The reason for the change was I recently switched to a new host (HostMonster) because I was running dangerously low on disk space for my account and wanted to expand the site a bit. The new site works on WordPress with a custom theme. Let me know if you have any comments!

2008 – Best year of gaming so far?

To say that 2008 has been a phenomenal year for gaming would be an understatement. We’ve seen more top games this year than any year past. I won’t drone on, here is a small selection of what made this year great, and what more we have to look forward to.

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I’ve just been attempting to play a game I’ve had sitting in my stack of disks for a while now – Heroes of Might and Magic V.

Heres the thing… Ubisoft have not made this easy. At all. People constantly whine that PC gaming is so much more of a hassle than console gaming, and after an experience like this, I totally agree…

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I have a job!

On Monday I start work as a games programmer at FreeStyleGames in Leamington Spa.

I will be moving to Leam on Saturday, flat sharing with a jolly nice chap I met on a flat sharing website.

Something a little different…

So… long time no post.

Normally when I post nothing for a very long time it means I’ve had nothing to moan about. Isn’t it customary for peoples’ blogs to just be big rant fests, with no real aim but to get something off their chests? Well today I thought I’d try something a little different. I’m going to blog about what’s RIGHT with my life at the moment.

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Gothic 3 Review

The new RPG game from Piranha Bytes, is it an instant classic or an instant flop?

Gothic 3 is like all new RPG games, big open-space worlds, tons of quests and dozens of enemies. It has some interesting new features, very nice graphics and plenty of things for you to do. It does however have a few nasty bugs to watch out for that detracts from the game play quite a bit…

The game could be considered an Oblivion wannabe, boasting big open spaces to explore and no load times, being able to walk anywhere in the game without having to watch a load bar is certainly a nice feature, but unfortunately it isn’t quite as nicely implemented as that – when moving between some areas there is a noticeable period of lag where the game caches its new data. The game also takes a very long time to load and save, which would not normally be a problem if it were not for the other bugs.

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Rant against the entertainment industries

If there was ever an industry which lived entirely in its own little world, it would be the entertainment industry. They are so involved in trying to get the very last penny they can from the consumer they have forgotten who they are trying to entertain – and that’s the last thing that they have done to me in the last few years.

If there’s one thing which gets me riled up its DRM (digital rights management) and copy protection. Yes artists have the right to protect their artistic property, but things are going too far. CDs which won’t play, install dangerous hacking tools and games which have copy protection so brutal there have been (unconfirmed) reports of physical damage to machines. The worst thing is, did the piracy stop? No. Copy protection JUST DOES NOT WORK.

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