8-Bit Adder

8-Bit Adder


icLogic is a digital logic simulator, it is designed for the simulation of digital circuits such as those composed of AND, OR and NOT gates. The project was started for my 3rd year project at Warwick University as a replacement for the existing Java software that was in use.

The software became very powerful very quickly when I based its design around a JavaScript interpreter. This allows the creation of new components very quickly.

Alpha Software and Legal

icLogic is alpha software. This means that the software is probably riddled with bugs and problems.

The development of this software has not been terminated, but is currently on hold. At some point in the not too distant future I hope to return to development of this software.

I cannot be held responsible for any damages, loss of earnings, loss of work or anything else. You have no rights to this software or to its use whatsoever. By downloading this software you agree that you accept these terms.

This software is free for download and use at the present time, if you paid for it at any other source other than this site, you have been ripped off. I reserve the right to make this application non-free at any point I wish.


icLogic (2.15mb)