Christmas gaming

Christmas has been and gone, but the real gifts came after Christmas this year with the Steam sale. If you have not already done so, check it out! I decided to treat myself and buy a few things that looked interesting. I had Prince of Persia on order from Play, but they have completely failed to get any in stock and my order seems to be stuck in the ether (although they did take my money…), so I bought it on Steam. I also bought Beyond Good And Evil and the X3 pack. Just before Christmas I bought Bioshock and had slowly been working through that. I am a bit sour about this, as I bought it a week before the sale when they dropped the price by 75% (from 13 something to 3 something).

Here are my observations on some of these games.

Prince of Persia – Liked

  • Feels ‘smooth’ and ‘right’ and it just flows exactly as you would expect
  • Looks good
  • FUN
  • Unable to die – Some people might consider this a dislike, but I like it. It lets me explore without reprise.
  • No DRM – Thanks Ubisoft!
  • Polished – Not seen any major bugs and the animation is well worth a mention – it’s superb.
  • Music – The sound track is very good.

Prince of Persia – Disliked

  • No arbitrary saving – what is this 1999?
  • Formulaic – Although the levels are varied and the bosses are interesting, its all pretty much the same.
  • Controls are a bit quirky, but this is only a minor point as you get used to it after a while.

This is not going to be my game of the year by any means, but its a good solid game that is a lot of fun to play in short bursts. It plays a lot like Assassins Creed in a lot of ways, or Tomb Raider with swords.

Beyond Good and Evil – Liked

  • FUN!
  • Nice to see a game focused around something other than killing for once – liked the journalism idea
  • Enough content without dragging on for ages
  • Funny in places
  • Would have looked good 4 years ago when it was released

Beyond Good and Evil – Disliked

  • BUGGY! Graphical glitches/artifacting all over the place and the more serious variety – I had to restore from save points twice because my partner fell through the clipping
  • Controls, oh god the controls – Console ports are bad m’kay…
  • ‘Save points’ – Console ports are bad m’kay…
  • Difficulty spikes – Most of the game is not even remotely challenging, but then you get a few scenes that take 20-30 attempts and it totally ruins it. This is made worse by the controls.

Overall its a good game, and at the price it is on steam at the moment its an absolute steal. Be prepared to be quite frustrated at times though. I’m quite stoked that they are currently making a second one, unfortunate that its going to be console only though.

X3 – Liked

  • Pretty

X3  – Disliked

  • Steep learning curve
  • Tutorial was bugged and not very informative
  • Activation/Install limit DRM. Cut this shit out, seriously. (I found this out AFTER I had paid for it)

I’m going to try to get into this again but I’m finding it hard to do so because it doesn’t give you a lot of help to get into it.


I’m not going to say what I liked and disliked, there are plenty of good reviews, but I had a lot of fun playing it. I played the demo when it came out and got bored. It’s not until much later that Bioshock comes into its own.

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