icLogic 2

I set myself a challenge this Christmas. I’m going to re-implement the core of icLogic in a week. I’m probably going to regret it, but it should be fun at least. I learned a lot last time and I’ve pretty much got the maths nailed this time so it won’t be so much of a chore. So far I’ve got quite far. I’ve been at it a day and I already have the complete render engine working bar the clipping.

icLogic rendering engine

icLogic rendering engine

What you are looking at is a wxWidgets core with an OpenGL render engine and Python scripting. The cross and square are separate objects rendered completely from Python. The frame rate is high and has been capped at 60fps. It uses 4-5% CPU when maintaining this framerate. When minimised this drops to zero.

Overall not bad for a few hours work!

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