Just getting it to compile…

Today I had a spare few hours and I thought I would have a quick look at the Arctic engine and see if I can make any progress with it. Hah. Things are never that easy…

A few weeks ago my motherboard pulled a wobbly and I bought a new one and reinstalled Vista. Apart from losing a license for Mass Effect and Spore (EA won’t be getting any more of my money until they cut the crap) I lost my Visual Studio settings. I always forget how much effort getting my development environment up and running again is until I actually have to do it. The settings themselves are not the problem, getting and compiling all the prerequisite libraries is.

To get Arctic to compile I had to install:

  • NVIDIA Cg Toolkit
  • NVIDIA PhysX Drivers
  • Boost (and Boost Jam)
  • wxWidgets
  • Corona
  • TinyXML
  • FMOD

Most of these are fairly easy to install – you run the setup and add the include and library paths to VS’s search path. Unfortunately this is not always the case as with PhysX that requires a dozen include and library paths before it will let you get on with stuff. WHY!

In the meantime, Boost had shuffled its include files around in the latest version so I had to change the code to make it compile again.

wxWidgets has always been a pain in the rear to compile, especially if you want components in it that are turned off by default (such as the OpenGL canvas). Strange then, just as usual it bites me just when I think I’ve got it sussed. The bane of my life – the linker error – or in this case all 455 of them. The trick seems to be adding #define YES_REALLY_COMPILE to the top of setup.h.in, and then realising that you had the WXUSINGDLL set in your project settings when you wanted to use the static libraries this time around.

After 3 hours (really), Boost finally finished compiling. When I try to link it says it cannot find the library. Great. Not knowing a lot about the boost auto-linking code – and I’m not sure I want to, especially given the recent crack that has made its way into the boost libraries – boost proto I am looking at you…

I went looking for the library and it is there in ‘boost_1_37_0\bin.v2\libs\regex\build\msvc-8.0\debug\threading-multi’. Anyway, some time after I discovered that I was missing the parameter ‘stage’ in the build command, and this apparently prepares the magic ‘lib’ directory for me.

So finally it builds. Does it run? No. Because to run it I need to export some geometry, which I can’t do because I left the software disks in Leamington Spa.

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