Something a little different…

So… long time no post.

Normally when I post nothing for a very long time it means I’ve had nothing to moan about. Isn’t it customary for peoples’ blogs to just be big rant fests, with no real aim but to get something off their chests? Well today I thought I’d try something a little different. I’m going to blog about what’s RIGHT with my life at the moment.

So.. as you all know, I started a job a few months ago, and to report back, its going a-ok! I must say that so far I’m absolutely loving it. Interesting projects, interesting and friendly people, and a lot of good fun.
Yes folks, working can be fun. Once I get over the ‘ugh, its 8am, got to get out of bed’ phase, I normally bounce into work without the aid of caffeine or other stimulants. I’m sure over time it will wear off and I’ll become as old and cynical as my coworkers, but until then I’ll bounce away.

Working at a games company is a lot like I expected in many ways, but not in others. So far I’ve not been required to put in any over time, despite getting to several deadlines since my arrival. This really surprised me. I had braced myself for long hours and unrealistic deadlines, but so far that has not been the case. I am aware that by writing this I have pretty much doomed myself and the rest of the team, but meh. The work
I’ve been doing has been varied and interesting, I am always up for a challenge and there have been plenty of them. I look forward to what our future projects may have in store for me. My first published title is due for release in May, so stay tuned!

In other news I’ve had a girlfriend since January! Rachael is a med student at Warwick and we are getting along great! Things seem to be getting pretty serious but we will see where things take us. She likes House, CSI, South Park, computer games and Chinese food, so we are pretty much sorted!

I’ve been learning to drive! I started learning before uni, but uni work got too much for me so I put it off, and have now been attempting to learn in the evenings after work and at weekends. It seems to be going pretty well, and I recently passed my theory test.

I apologise to those of you are waiting on me to complete some secondary projects – in particular icBell my windows bell ringing client. As you can probably tell from the above I’ve been pretty busy with the above, and that doesn’t include the stuff below! Other projects include the as yet unnamed robot strategy game which needs the multiplayer bugs ironing out, and icLogic – which needs, well, a lot. There is also another one which I am keeping the lid on until I know what I plan to do with it, but rest assured its going to be cool! The good news though is that hopefully I will come up with some sort of strategy for getting all this stuff done over the next few months, hopefully without loosing any sleep or hair!

In gaming news, I managed to acquire a Wii before Christmas and have been quite enjoying the odd game of Wii Sports and Super Monkey Ball with friends. I’ve also got Zelda as well, but finding the time to get through it with everything else going on around me is tough. I’ve also got S.T.A.L.K.E.R. to work my way through – which, after a tiff with its really really sh*te anti-‘copy’ protection, I’ve managed to actually play
and get into. The game is a bit rough around the edges but its proving to be quite fun so far. Potentially more on this later! I’ve also been getting into Evil Genius again. This relatively old strategy game kept me occupied a few years ago and has made a return because its relatively simple to play in short bursts, requires no real energy to play and is quite light-hearted fun.

I also treated myself to a new camera around Christmas time, a Canon EOS 400D. This has so far proved to be an absolute delight to use and I am seriously considering a set of lenses to go with it. Taking pictures of my baby cousin Zak is a lot of fun as he is turning out to be quite a little poser and seems to really enjoy being in front of a camera. I’ll post some pictures at some point, but at the moment I’m far too busy trying to get them ready for printing.

Given I can’t think of anything else to write about, I’ll call it a day. Happy Easter to you all and I should hopefully post again in the next few months (Hey, I’m being realistic!).

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